Bobbin Boxes

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  • Bobbin Box for 32 Sewing Machine Bobbins Prym
  • Bobbin Box
    Bobbin Box

    A transparent bobbin box is the ideal storage place for sewing machine bobbins. You can now quickly spot the colour you need, and no longer worry about your bobbins unravelling, tangling up and knotting!

    € 3,75
  • Sewing Thread Box 24 Bobbins Opry
    Sewing Thread Box 24 Bobbins Opry

    The practical Opry sewing storage boxes can store various kinds of bobbins. It not only allows you to easily sort and store your bobbins, it also makes it easier to transport your precious threads. This acrylic box with lid is…

    € 2,95
  • Bobbin Box with 12 CB Metal Bobbins Prym
    Bobbin Box with 12 CB Metal Bobbins Prym

    The Prym bobbin box offers 12 CB bobbins in an easy-to-store box. Bobbin size: diameter 20.5mm, height 11.7mm. Bobbins are an integral element in the sewing machine. With a bobbin the threads are knotted and they therefore…

    € 9,50
  • Bobbin Ring Prym
    Bobbin Ring Prym

    The Prym bobbin ring can hold up to 20 sewing machine bobbins to keep them safely stored. The bobbin ring prevents thread from unwinding and allows the threads to be found quickly and easily. The bobbin ring size can be adjusted…

    € 13,50






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